Lighting Artist

Duration: 6 Month FTC

Job Summary:

Lighting Artists are responsible for building and composing, dynamic, Realtime and baked lighting scenarios within Unreal Engine.


· Use a variety of lighting techniques in the Unreal Engine to create beautifully lit scenes that maintain a high real-time framerate and keep visual fidelity.

· Work with the art leads to create compelling lighting for a variety of environments while maintaining a consistent style.

· Anticipate different production constraints with various lighting techniques and understand the budgeting restrictions associated with them.

· Verify quality of lightmaps and content that affects the lighting pipeline.

· Create and document methods, pipelines and lighting processes.


· Solid understanding of lighting, particle systems, post-processes, material setup and general workflows inside UE4

· Proficiency with Maya, Substance, Photoshop or equivalent software (3ds max, Blender..)

· Proficiency with Unreal Engine and excellent understanding of tools and development & implementation of lighting systems and post-process effects

· Thorough understanding of real-time, and pre-rendered lighting techniques (including vertex lighting, dynamic lights, subsurface scattering, HDR, and pre-baked light map solutions)

· Strong organizational skills in order to keep track of complex and vast lighting solutions.

· Working with reflection probes both baked and Realtime.

· Strong understanding of composition and colour theory.

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