Team & Culture - Airship Interactive

Team & Culture

A culture of game art quality, innovation and fun

A diverse team with one objective – quality game art for AAA studios


Diversity, experience and commitment

Our team is a celebration of diversity, skill, talent and pure love for our projects. We don’t just help create games, we play them and fall in love with them, even. That commitment means we’re proactive in idea generation and it improves the quality of what we produce.

We couldn’t do that without a team that enjoys being together, working seamlessly across specialisms, sharing knowledge and research up and down skill levels. It’s an indelible part of our culture.


Professional processes guided by experienced leaders

We’re incredibly proud of the way our team works together to deliver full end-to-end game art design and integration. Their commitment is an honour, and we don’t take that lightly. We know it works both ways.

By being team-first, we serve our mission to be client-first. It’s a common theme for companies to claim they have a team committed to the cause. We know that. But our commitment to delivering game art of the highest quality is made as a team, which truly makes us a working family.

Invest in your people and they invest in you.