World-class art, assets, animation & integration for AAA studios

Concept art

  • Design & Exploration
  • Characters & Environments
  • Keyart & Marketing

We deliver world-class concept art, designing and painting characters, creatures, and environments. Using reliable creative processes, our artists get inside the client’s imagination and deep dive to discover what’s possible. This process unlocks the distinct and precise detailing that characterises high-impact imagery.


Asset crafting

  • Characters & Creatures
  • Weapons & Vehicles
  • Environments & Props
  • Hair & Fur

We’re the industry’s go-to for detailed 3D game assets. Our assets are consistently outstanding because our artists go above and beyond. They work with the best tools available and those shaping the future of their discipline. Training deepens creativity and broadens the competencies they bring to our team. And this happens at all levels.



  • Rigging & Skinning
  • Motion Capture & Cleanup

We’ve retooled the skills of experienced animations, filmmakers, and motion graphic artists to deliver top-tier game animation. This cross-disciplinary approach brings the best from these adjacent fields to render animated 3D characters and landscapes that truly live and breathe.



  • Unreal, Unity & Propriety Engines
  • Shaders & Look Development

We’re trusted to integrate assets into the game engines of top studios. We’ve always felt that integration is the natural next step in our work, so we did what was needed for clients to trust us. This meant passing the most stringent security evaluations from Microsoft, Sony, Disney, LucasFilm, and other leading tech companies. Now, we have the IT and security infrastructure for full end-to-end production.